Tesla Finally Simplifies Glovebox Access Down to One Click

Nikhil Nanjappa
2 min readJul 17, 2023

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has rolled out a new over-the-air software update that gives drivers access to the car’s glovebox using the left scroll wheel on the steering wheel — Finally an easier way!

With the 2023.12 update (released 10th April 2023), owners can now long press the left scroll wheel for a couple of seconds to remotely pop open the glovebox door. Previously, the only way to open the glovebox was to go through the screen via two clicks which is obviously not safe or convenient as you need to divert focus from driving.

This new feature is part of Tesla’s continuing efforts to improve the user experience and add more intuitive controls to its vehicles. The left scroll wheel already controls other functions on the touchscreen dashboard, so adding glovebox access makes sense.

To setup, long press the left scroll button to bring up a list of functions. Select Glovebox from the list. Once setup, hold the stick for about 2 seconds, an audible click indicates the glovebox has opened.

Early feedback on Tesla forums indicates the feature is rolling out now via remote software update to Model 3, and Model Y vehicles. It’s a small change but showcases Tesla’s ability to continuously add new capabilities to vehicles already on the road.

Tesla is leading the way in over-the-air updates that bring fresh features and functions to vehicles years after purchase. This not only enhances the ownership experience but also provides added value versus buying a traditional car. It’s innovations like these that continue setting Tesla apart as a technology leader in the auto industry.

Alternate ways to open Glovebox

While the scroll wheel shortcut offers the most convenient way to access the glovebox, there are some other methods owners can use.

  1. For one-touch opening, some owners install custom glovebox buttons made by third-party companies. These accessory “sexy buttons” can be adhered anywhere in the cabin for instant glovebox access. However, installing third-party mods like these could impact your warranty if not done properly. Amazon UK link
  2. You can also verbally prompt the glovebox to open using voice commands like “Open glovebox”.
  3. There is always the classic long method of tapping Controls (bottom corner of your touchscreen) and then Glove Box.



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