God of War Ragnarok: Things to do after finishing the game

This is an amazing game and it turns out there are a lot of things to do after finishing the main story to keep yourself busy. I will list out all the things I know here and also provide a link to the locations/guide.

I mentioned this first because I highly recommend upgrading your characters to max before doing any of further mentioned tasks — weapons, weapon attachments, armours, relics, runic attacks, Freya’s sword, runic summon etc. To upgrade some armours, weapons to max you would need items you would get only by finishing crucible challenges. So its definitely worth your time.

I would suggest Kratos should be atleast level 8 (level 7 for lower difficulty) in order to defeat some of the enemies in the further tasks.

Muspelheim challenges guide

After finishing the game, you will get a chance to free the real Týr. You can find him in Niflheim (post game Quest). Once you free him, you can find him in every realm in particular spots.

There is a small easter egg here as well — the fake Tyr does not have the symbol on the letter “y” in the name but the real Týr has. Just a nice touch developers added.

These are equivalent to Valkyries in the previous game. Some of these enemies are really hard so I highly suggest first upgrading your character, weapons, relics, runic attacks etc to max before attempting to fight these berserkers. However, you wont be dissapointed with the rewards. Some of the best armours, relics in the game are earned by defeating these enemies.

All Berserker locations

Defeating each Draugr will gift you a Chaos Spark. All 6 Chaos Spark combine to form a Chaos Flame which as you know is used to Upgrade your Blades.

All Draugr Hole locations

There are loads of secret bosses in this game. Some can be accessed only after finishing the main story. For example: Gna, the Valkyrie Queen. You wont be dissapointed with the rewards as well. You will also earn a trophy after defeating her but be warned she is one of the toughest enemies in the entire game.

If you’ve not unlocked Crater already, I highly suggest you do because you are missing out on some of best content in the game. This area is filled with boss fights, rewards and secrets. By far my favourite part of the game!

Collecting all 9 flowers will earn you “The Florist” trophy

All Flowers locations

Collecting all 14 books will earn you “The Librarian” Trophy. Worth noting that these books are easter eggs — each Kvasir poem/book corresponds to each previous PS exclusive games.

All Kvasir poem locations

There are only 4 to be collected but each page rewards you with a Hilt relic. So, totally 4 relics: Hilt of Dainsleif, Hilt of Angrvadall, Hilt of Ridill, Hilt of Tyrfing.

All Lost pages locations

I love solving these chest puzzles. If you need to survive the hard bosses in the game, you will need to increase your health and rage as much as possible.

Once you get the spear, very few players back track to all the locations that they earlier couldn’t get to without the spear. Those areas open you upto not only Nornir chests but also some hidden gateways, boss fights and more.

All Nornir chest locations and solutions

If you are a perfectionist, you would want to achieve 100% game completion. This would cover everything thats left to do in the game.

100% completion guide



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Nikhil Nanjappa

Experienced Full-Stack Developer who loves sharing knowledge. Gaming & Music addict. Always grateful and looking for new experiences in life.