Dota2 :: Guide :: The Art of Supporting

Why is it important?

Lets get it started

  • As a support, you will almost always be poor. This is the role, so don’t fret about you not having gold because that’s how its supposed to be.
  • Your priorities are different from others — Yours include buying a courier at the start, wards to begin with, up courier as soon as possible and then it goes on to simply buying wards(including sentries) and providing vision to your team.
  • Carry dust if any invisible units exist in the opponent team.
  • Change the way you think — Like already mentioned, you should think of your team as bunch of kids who needs help in heal/vision/gold/kills and you are the one who is providing them with all that.


  • When warding sometimes couple of nearby tress can block a lot of vision provided by your ward. You could destroy these trees to give you maximum vision.
  • If you’re placing an early game midlane ward, make sure you get the rune spawn in sight. This will greatly help your midlaner in terms of rune control as well.
  • Don’t always ward is the most predictable places, this will get your wards easily dewarded. Especially when your team is behind in farm or enemy have surplus gold to deward. So be sure to make them count.
  • Avoid placing wards when the enemy has vision on you, the enemy will instantly deward it and would have been a waste of gold & effort.
  • Block enemy camps as much as possible especially in the early game.
  • You don’t necessarily need to ward the entire map. If you have placed few wards well, you can narrow down on the location of the enemy players based on the vision you do have.
  • As a support, this is a good way for you to farm/xp as the lane farm/xp is completely left to the carry
  • Most important reason being, you are denying that creep wave to enemy offlaner. With that creep gold/xp being denied to him, the offlaner will surely get crippled & thereby slowing his item progression & level.
  • Always keep an eye on the time, at 53–55 min mark try to stack a camp closest to you so your carry can farm them later for good amount of gold/xp.
  • Keep tabs on your teammates and notify them of the stacked camps, this also helps in building trust & confidence among your teammates.
  • Make sure you don’t stack when enemy has vision on you or they might sneak into your jungle and take all the farm.

Pulling/Pushing a lane

Zoning offlaner

  • Avoid pulling aggro towards you while harassing the offlaner, apart from more damage being dealt you also are messing with the creep equilibrium which might end up favoring the offlaner.
  • Try to stay ahead of your enemy while zoning. Especially while chasing, you could cast a spell or right click & move forward in between the attacks to stay ahead of the enemy. This will sometimes give you couple of additional attacks while he is running towards the tower which might be crucial in getting that kill.
  • Never stack stuns on a target. example: If a crystal maiden & lion are zoning an offlaner, do not cast EarthSpike and FrostBite at the same time. Make sure you chain stun the target. You both stunning at the exact time will override the previous stun and now you will have no way to lock down the enemy anymore.


  • Make sure you cast as many spells as you can before dying. You dying without casting any spells means you made zero impact in that teamfight.
  • As a support, you are built with crazy powerful spells which can turn the tides of the teamfights. If you’re playing a hero like Lion, use the Finger of Death as soon as possible to burst a hero down immediately & NOT to get a kill count.
  • Always prioritize building team & situational utility items like Mekansm, Arcane boots, Guardian Greaves, Euls etc. which also gives you good stats.
  • As a support, prioritize the “Cast Range” talent tree as getting your spells at the right time from as far as possible matters a lot.
  • If you’re carrying a dust, use it before you die as the effect of dust most of the time still persists even if you go invisible after the dust was used. The dust you used might actually help your team to detect an invisible hero and get a kill.




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